noun Brit. informal hooliganism or troublemaking: [as modifier] a bovver boy.
1960s: cockney pronunciation of bother.

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  • bovver — 1969, Cockney pronunciation of BOTHER (Cf. bother) trouble (q.v.), given wide extended usage in skinhead slang …   Etymology dictionary

  • bovver — • trouble, usually fighting. Also bovver boots large lace up boots worn by thugs (especially skinheads) and bovver boys boys that cause the bovver mate ! …   Londonisms dictionary

  • BOVVER — n. Brit. sl. deliberate troublemaking. Phrases and idioms: bovver boot a heavy laced boot worn typically by skinheads. bovver boy a violent hooligan. Etymology: cockney pronunc. of BOTHER …   Useful english dictionary

  • bovver — bov|ver [ˈbɔvə US ˈba:vər] n [U] BrE informal old fashioned violent behaviour, especially by a group of young men bovver boy (=someone who behaves in a violent way) …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • bovver — n British trouble, aggro. A spelling, in imitation of a London accent, of bother in its menacing euphemistic sense of physical violence or extreme aggravation. You want bovver? was the standard challenge issued by skinheads …   Contemporary slang

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  • bovver-boy — n a. a youth, particularly a skinhead, who enjoys fighting and conflict and is always attempting to provoke trouble. A coinage, based on the noun bovver, from the late 1960s. b. someone who is brought in to do a dif ficult job, a trouble shooter …   Contemporary slang

  • bovver boot — /ˈbɒvə but/ (say bovuh booht) noun British Colloquial 1. a type of heavy boot, as worn in street fights. 2. the girlfriend of a bovver boy …  

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